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In Memory of Our Beloved Norma

In Memory of Our Beloved Norma

| June 23, 2022

6 months has gone by so fast. It has been 6 months since we said goodbye to our dearest Norma. Our beloved friend & dearest employee, oh how much we miss you. We miss your sweet, gentle and graceful voice of encouraging words & prayers. We miss laughing at your quick quips. We miss hearing about and seeing all those beautiful blankets & teddy bears you made with nothing but love for those in need. Oh, dearest Norma, you have made a lasting imprint on our hearts.

Norma loved sunsets. She would always take pictures of beautiful sunsets(below is one of her captured shots).

In remembrance of our beautiful friend, we decided to take some much needed quality time as a team and go paint her sunset.

I guess I should say we tried to paint. Haha, but we had so much fun! Norma, I'm sure you were having tons of belly laughs watching us down below.

Norma, although you left us to be with the Lord, we know you are with us in spirit. We love and honor you always.

To our wonderful clients, thank you for your patience, condolences & prayers, because of you and Norma we will always strive to be our best for you.

Since these paintings are all wonderfully made we are planning to rotate the paintings and hang them in our office along with a print of her photo to always remember our dearest friend.